NewAlphaTrue is the leading company in Vietnam to develop Blockchain projects.

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AlphaTrue offers a multi-sectoral strategy and a one-stop solution for your business in the blockchain industry.
We work at the crossroads of sincere, empirical, and technological research. AlphaTrue's primary focuses are customer experience, advanced products, and clarity and efficiency in the management process.


What are our major goals?


We discuss the feasibility of your blockchain project with our blockchain developers and define the business goals and workflow for your system.


We analyze your existing solution and discover if it can be migrated to the blockchain. Our team assesses entire business procedures and identifies where blockchain can be applied to your use case.

Technical Component Definition

Based on your company's needs and the kind of blockchain, our blockchain consulting team chooses the best blockchain platform.

Proof of Concept

We create a framework and prototype to identify the use cases for the business with with minimum viable features. The demo is used for the viability of a real solution.


Our Blockchain Consultants work with clients to determine whether their business operations and the environment can benefit from the integration of blockchain technology.


Once you are ready to start blockchain technology development, we help you build the blockchain product, from UI/UX to full front-end and back-end implementation.


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Blockchain consulting involves carefully examining the client's business before strategically using blockchain technology. Our blockchain consulting service provides support for various blockchain projects as well as the creation of decentralized platforms for NFTs, bridges, DEXs, the metaverse, tokens, and dApps. We employ a blockchain-neutral methodology, and our professionals have working knowledge of a variety of blockchains, including Hyperledger, Cosmos, EVM, Solidity, and Substrate, to name a few. With the right blockchain advice, you can create a protocol that adheres to your business case with ease. With the help of our advisory service, you may improve ROI while streamlining organizational processes.

A blockchain consulting company is what you get when a group of blockchain experienced experts with a team of developers, technical architects, and blockchain insights come together to suggest a workable solution for your blockchain development.

Global supply chains, healthcare, government, financial services, and many more industries can benefit from blockchain. Startups and large companies are looking for ways to use blockchain disruption to change conventional business structures. Our blockchain consulting team can help you understand how blockchain can bring transparency, traceability, security, and efficiency to your business ecosystem by offering you blockchain consulting services.

A blockchain consultant can assist you in using decentralized ledger technology to your business's advantage. They'll look at what you're doing now and what the blockchain can do for you, and they'll then work with you to find the best solutions so you can build a fantastic system that will increase the value of your business and do a lot more. The following describes AlphaTrue's blockchain consulting process:

  • Project Ideation
  • Assessment and feasibility check with the execution of proof-of-concept
  • Workflow Outline and Documentation

When there is a mutual agreement on the project, we move on to the development stage.

Choose the best blockchain platform before considering developing a solution for your company using blockchain technology.

Only an experienced blockchain expert can help you choose an ideal blockchain platform. Their solution will have the following basis:

  • How much privacy does your blockchain solution requires?
  • Level of scalability you require
  • Type of Blockchain App you need to build. For example, public, private or permissioned.
  • Consensus Algorithm
  • Smart Contract Functionality

The blockchain consulting process followed at AlphaTrue consists of the following steps:

  • Ideation
    In this stage, the feasibility of a blockchain project is analyzed based on your business goals and workflow.
  • Assessment
    Our consultants will look closely at your existing solutions and decide whether or not they can be migrated to the blockchain.
  • Identification of Technical Components
    Our team will determine the best suitable blockchain platform based on things like your business requirements.
  • Proof of Concept
    We’ll provide you with a proof of concept that gives you an overview of what the blockchain can do for your business.

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